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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  July 14, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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neighborhood. >> the long list of drugs police say he was makin making the mats police say he used to do it. and right now around of storms is headed our way. heavy rain, strong winds and maybe even hail in your neighborhood. your weather authority is tracking the conditions. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> first at 5:00 your weather authority tracking what could be a very stormy night across the area. in fact right now our entire region is under a severe thunderstorm watch. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. thanks for joining us. philadelphia international airport is reporting topping 40 minute delays. gets right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. scott? >> good evening iain and lucy. those delays at the airport will continue to increase as we continue to watch the ingredients necessary for strong and severe thunderstorms across our area. take look at this yellow shaded bock. the entire area under that severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00 o'clock tonight. damaging winds, large hail as well as some lightning.
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currently as we zoom in a little close cher show you some of the areas that we're keeping tabs of sections of montgomery and bucks county, shower and thunderstorm development right over the same location. saw very heavy rainfall earlier just north of norristown area. around montville some reports of some hail penny sized hail for that matter but you can see the hail tracker still showing the potential there for some hail northern sections of ocean county southern monmouth county severe thunderstorm warnings until 5:15 here watching out for some very heavy rain a flash flood warning has been evident monthed for that area until 8:30. over 2-inches of rain has already fallen as those showers not moving very rapidly. watching some activity now moving out of chester county as we put tracker on that. moving toward the easttown area by 5:20. radnor close to 5:30 and upper darby as well if it holds together. there's a lot of lightning with this activity as well.
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within this box over 1300 lightning strikes. a flash flood watch is in effect through tomorrow night. so right now, those strong storms are firing area wide. hail damaging wind will be a threat from 7:00 until 11:00. watching out for the heavy rain threat around philadelphia, eye i-95 and once again that severe thunderstorm watch, iain, in effect until 8:00 o'clock tonight. we that threat not only tonight for severe weather but also tomorrow. more details on the timing of this unsettled pattern coming up. >> all right, scott, thank you when severe weather hits of course you can count and fox 29 and your weather authority. to keep you informed 24/7. just towed our website and click the weather tab. >> a developing story in northeast philadelphia tonight. police have discovered what appears to be a drug lab inside of a home on the 3500 block of grant avenue. investigators say the landlord found some chemicals inside and they called the police. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in northeast philadelphia tonight. dave?
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>> reporter: lucy, police just wrapped up an eight hour clean up operation here at this due flex on grant avenue they hauled away lots of chemicals, all kinds of other materials including glass wear, even some manuals on how to make synthetic drugs. >> i was just shocked. this was the scene from skyfox as police firefighters and the city bomb squad arrived on the scene in the 3500 block of grant of a early monday morning. they discovered warts think was a chic late drug lab. >> the fire department, they asked about the smoke much what's going on. we didn't know for awhile. they said they found a substan substance. >> i heard it was some kind of laboratory was found in the. >> crime scene investigators and detectives entered the second floor apartment in this duplex to find all sorts of dangerous flammable and potentially explosive chemicals. they believe the chemicals were being used here to manufacture synthetic drugs like lsd, ecstacy, methamphetamine and
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synthetic marijuana. >> the guy was making ecstacy. >> landlord discovered the chemicals and called police. several residents were evacuated while the bomb squad negated any danger. narcotics detectives and crime scene investigators moved in with a search warrant to sample the chemicals and remove them. they found a manual on manufacturing synthetic lsd. >> this kind of neighborhood that's a scum bag. they need to get that low live out of the -- out of the neighborhood. >> reporter: neighbors on this quite block were stunned to hear that someone was manufacturing drugs in their community. >> garbage like that runs deep a neighborhood down. >> nothing in the city surprises me. >> reporter: now, police say they do have a person of interest and his girlfriend in custody in delaware on awnry lated charges. he's believed to be the tenant here but no charges filed at this hour. coming up at 6:00-a sneak peek at some of the evidence hauled away by narcotics detectives.
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iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. mystery in north philadelphia. police are looking into a dead body found wrapped in blanket this morning. somebody found the woman's body on the 2200 block of north third street. police say it was wrapped up inside of a case. no word yet on that person's identity. >> happening now in skippack, montgomery county, residents of about 150 homes are being allowed to return as their houses are tested much that's after a voluntary evacuation overnight because of a mysterious odor. fox 29's bruce gordon is live in skippack tonight with the latest on the search for the source of that odor. bruce? >> reporter: iain, we do have some answers to give you. nervous night here in the fair lawn court development but, yes, there are some answers now as to why three homes in this neighborhood the three end homes along this stretch of condos here, reported a strong foul chemical odor in their basement last night, and why many other homes here tested positive for some kind of volatile organic compound. it all led to a neighborhood
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wide evacuation as you say, but tonight, the all clear has been sounded. >> environmental and hazmat crews spent the day swarming matt and courtney logan's home searching for the cause of the foul odor emanating from the water in their basement sump pump. by late afternoon, test results were back. and there was some cause for relief. >> the substance she was found in the sump pump pitt was gasoline. the immediate solution right now is we're going to flush out those sump pits with water and ventilate the houses so we can get the residents back in there. >> reporter: it's still not clear how the gasoline got into the ground water. but we do know the three most heavily impacted homes sit low in this neighborhood. the logans have called 911 sunday night when they noticed the foul odor when crews returned monday afternoon, the smell was even worse. >> what does it smell like? >> chemicals. just strong chemical smell. >> reporter: so you've been out since last night as soon as they walked in just now they said yeah there's something he here.
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>> they said there's reading. >> i don't know what to think. >> you have children in your home? >> yes. ages two, four and six it could be anything. it could be something that just smells really bad and isn't or it could be something that is really bad. we have no idea. i honestly don't know -- i don't know what to feel at this point. >> reporter: the odor was detected in dozens of homes all within the water of their sump pumps. the entire neighborhood was evacuated sunday night as a precaution. dean martel la's wife is eight months pregnant. >> you were evacuated from your home. >> they asked my wife to leave immediate and i swept through and got stuff and -- >> reporter: you were out of the house last night. >> yeah, since about 7:30. >> reporter: as crews spent the day retesting homes, taking special note of those with earlier high reading homeowners waited for the all clear to return. rich and kelly chesney have two young children and two cats packed in their suv. >> we're hot. um, we are dealing with our children that are bored out of their minds can't go in the house and pets that aren't
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allowed back in either. >> reporter: fire trucks on hand behind me as we speak. they've begun the process of flushing out those sump pumps with water in the three most heavily impacted home. this neighborhood will be monitored for sometime to come. but fire officials made clear we may never know why or how that gasoline got into the ground water in the first place. lucy? >> all right, bruce, trump splays in atlantic city is shutting in september. and tonight we are hearing the job losses will be worse than expected. trump resorts began mailing notices to workers today and informing them although it's not final the casino expected to close on september 16th. more than 1100 people are slated to lose their jobs that is higher than estimates of just about 1,000 last week. so far this year, trump plaza is the fourth ac casino to close or announce plans to shut down. however, today, atlantic city casinos announced their heavy increased by nearly 4% in june. >> septa and its workers are resuming contract talks which have been on hold.
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the key issue pension improvements and workers contributions toward health care. septa regional rail workers hit the picket lines briefly. president obama ordered them back to work last month. >> a man has plead guilty to charges related to the 2012 warehouse fire that killed two philadelphia firefighters. the owner of a furniture store adjacent to the warehouse admitted making false statements to authorities. he was given two years probati probation. lieutenant robert neary and firefighter dan sweeney died in the kensington fire. no criminal charges have been filed in the case. a new report finds science of disarray in philadelphia's veteran affairs office. the report from the va office of inspector general finds the benefit center in philadelphia. it accurateli'ed claims and in some cases paid claims twice much the va has been under fire because of delayed care and services for veterans it cross the nation. the fbi right now investigating in arizona the scandal first broke. as many as 40 veterans may have died from delayed care.
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>> sergeant bowe bergdahl released from taliban captivity back in may in returning to regular duty. he will be assigned to desk duty at fort sand houston in texas. an investigation into his disappearance and capture by the taliban is still underway. but a fact finding mission concluded that he walked away from the post on his own. you may want to think twice before you reach for that bag of chips or pint of ice cream after a bad day of damage. >> the damage stress eating is doing to your waistline you might even know about it. a mug shot people just cannot seem to get enough of. what is up with that? what police say this woman did that led to this, um, well unforge unforgettable photo. a dramatic rescue after a helicopter goes down and plunge noose the water. what happened when a passenger couldn't get her seat belt off. coming up how she was finally set free. >> millions in limbo in a high stakes crisis. fox 29's jeff cole talks to governor corbett with layoffs and cuts hanging in the balance.
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charles barkley made a stop in to our studios and chuck can talk about everything. and he does coming up in sports. >> coming up in weather, the entire region under a severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00 o'clock tonight. what this system means for your neighborhood next.
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>> here's a live look at center city. storm clouds are moving in right now the entire region is under a
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severe thunderstorm watch. we had check back in with chief meteorologist scott williams in just minutes. >> skyfox over a huge sink hole in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. check that out. you are looking at the 1800 block of east venango street. the water department blames a faulty pipe at a property on the block. the homeowner has 30 days to get it fixed. no word on exactly when crews will patch up street. tonight some answers from governor corbett about the philadelphia school's money crunch and the proposed cigarette tax to help ease the crisis. schools are due to open in just about seven weeks. fox 29 news investigative reporter jeff cole went one-on-one with the governor just about an hour. if this money doesn't come through soon more people are going to lose jobs. >> reporter: highly likable. philadelphia school leaders remain on edge hoping the state legislature will pass a $2 per pack cigarette tax to help close a gaping hole in city school funding. school jobs and class size hang in the balance. governor corbett spoke with me
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from pittsburgh monday to push pension reform for public employees including teacher. he think that is will help all schools with their budgets. the legislature so far remains unconvinced. on the big issue locally of city school funding the house and senate are at odds. we asked the governor if he would push them to pass the tax on smokes. >> will you demand that the house and then the senate actu actually pass the $2 per -- per pack cigarette tax to help finally fund the philadelphia school system that is struggling by any definition? jeff, we have been talking about this. i've said we need to have the education funding done for the city of philadelphia for the school district. all the parties must come to the table, and, yes, i have said this bill should be run clean and it should get passed so that we can open the school schools n september in philadelphia. >> there is at least a threat that the schools may not in fact open. the house is due back in harrisburg in early next month
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for a possible vote on the cigarette tax. school district says even with that tax on cigarettes, it will likely have a $69 million gap in funding. in the newsroom i'm jeff cole. lucy. >> all right. jeff. a woman is under arrest for an overnight shooting in philadelphia's point breeze second. it happened along the 1800 block of tasker street. police say 50 year old debbie nichols shot a man an woman around 3:00 this morning both are in stable condition. nichols faces attempted murder charges and as of yet no word on a motive. >> a sussex new jersey man under arrest after police received two reports of someone entering a wal*mart store and stealing several tv sets. franklin police say thomas brady was caught attempting to leave wal*mart with another tv. he's now facing three separate counts of theft. local veterans are about to start a brand new chapter in their lives. today they graduated from the project home veterans training and employment program. it offers job skilled trainings
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and paid internships to help formerly homeless veterans re-establish themselves in the community. >> i received a lot of guidance from project home as i prepared for an internship. my internship pi company in their energy services department. perfect match. (applause). >> six graduate dad. four were there for the big day. what were on the other other two doing. they already were working. >> someone in philadelphia is a new millionaire. a winning powerball ticket worth a million bucks was sold at the express food mart on the 1600 block of south street. so that store will get a five -- >> not a bad pay did you can get it. turning baaing to your weather thor. a live act the bush kill falls in the poconos. guess who was there this weekend with her daughter. >> i made the up there because
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witness yum said you have to see this. however this place is a stormy place right now. we have all kinds of action going on. >> lucy the ingredients are there yet again. we're talking the heat, the humidity. showers and thunderstorms bubbling up right now. the entire area under that severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00 o'clock tonight. but look at the temperature right now in philadelphia. 90 degrees. you factor in the humidity, how your body reacts, it feels like 94 degrees right now with those winds out of the south southwest at 11 miles per hour. we're dry for now. but showers and storms bubbling up area wide right now. the visible satellite from space showing that we have some sunshine. not good on a day like today. it helps to destabilize the atmosphere. the clouds start to grow and we start to see those showers and thunderstorms erupting. severe thunderstorm watch the entire area until 8:00 o'clock tonight. the main threats hail, damaging winds as well as a lot of lightning. currently in our immediate area,
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no severe thunderstorm warnings, but we do have that threat as we move into tonight. until tomorrow night, pretty much the entire area under a flash flood watch. we're talking several inches of rainfall out of a series of systems that will be moving through. a few light showers right now moving back into sections of montgomery county around the pottstown area, moving back toward horsham as we move into sections of bucks county as well. northern sections of ocean county, southern monmouth coun county, we continue to watch a stalled cell dumping lot of heavy rain an inch to 2-inches per hour that has prompted a flash flood warning. you can see those areas highlighted in green until 8:30 so ponding will be an issue on the roadways. if you encounter that, turn around find an alternate route. back toward berks county, reading, moving toward the allentown area, where you see the orange and the red, rainfall rates an inch to 2-inches per hour. there's also a lot of lightning with this particular system that continues to head in our
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direction. so if you hear thunder, you can be struck by lightning. you'll want to seek shelter immediately. so by sick clock, around philadelphia, wilmington, moving into the dover area. watching out for those scattered showers around. more of the same by 8:00 o'clo 8:00 o'clock. some of the activity moving into south jersey and sections of delaware. by 10:00 o'clock, we're still looking at some of the activity around chester county as well as parts of the lehigh valley. so for tonight, upper 60s, low 70s. mostly cloudy. scattered showers as well as some thunderstorm of the coming up more on the typing of this system tonight, and what to expect for another round of potentially severe weather for tomorrow. back to you, lucy. >> lots to talk about. talk to you then. thanks, scott. >> terrifying moments caught on camera. a pregnant woman trapped on 11 outside the second story of a burning building. amazing what happens next. and saved her and her baby's life. >> getting your kids or your pets pictures taken professionally can be a real challenge. how a new gadget can help make
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those pictures even more perfect.
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if he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting... funding for their schools. but corbett's huge tax giveaway to the oil and gas... industry has cost us billions. forced deep cuts in education. and his mismanagement caused a massive budget deficit. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even... more handouts. because that's who tom corbett listens to. and this is who pays the price. >> live look at the pocono
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mountains much storms moving through the area looks pretty ominous out there right now. your weather authority is tracking conditions. we will check back in with chief meteorologist scott williams in just minutes. >> here's shocking video from connecticut a man starts shooting into a crowd of people much this happened early sunday morning in downtown stanford. police say five people were shot outside of a nightclub. one man was arrested. police say he had gotten into a fight with someone before he started firing. the victims were all treated for non-life threatening injuries. >> the ship wrecked companies at a concordia is floating once again more than two years after it hit a rock and capsized. the ship is floating on its own and getting prepped for together next week. it's eventually going to be scrapped. 32 people died after it capsized and the ship's captain is on trial foreman slaughter accused of causing the accident and then abandoning ship. a crowd saves pregnant woman as he jumps from burning building in tougher keep you got to see this video trending on youtube and has lot of people talking. the video shows the crowd quickly gathering to help safe
5:25 pm
this woman from a burning building. you can see them using blankets and cardboard to help stop the fall as the woman jumps from the second story. look at that. she's apparently recovering in the hospital in good condition. >> that is a wonderful thing. utah a man let's his nine year old grandson drive his jeep as you can tell it turned out not so well. police say as the boy tracked to back out of the garage he hit the gas instead of the brake. the jeep crashed in a neighbor's living room. a woman was inside. she drove herself to the hospital only minor injuries. the boy amazingly is okay. and police have cited the grandfather for letting an underaged child drive. >> panic at the happiest place on earth. more than 100 tourist had to be evacuated from walt disneyworld monorail after a power outage left them stranding without air-conditioner. passengers were trapped for more than an hour before firefighters came to their rescue. luckily no one was injured. >> ohio woman's mug shot as you can imagine is going viral. not really hard to see why. police say 34 year old angela
5:26 pm
greenery fused to leave her hotel room after check out time. they say she was loud and refused to cooperate. eventually she was taken into custody leading to this photo. she's out of jail after posting $354 bond. >> a big crowd for a little boy's fran yard piano concert. eight year old dylan, post add sign in his yard advertising a free piano concert. look what happened. amazing. his neighbors saw the sign posteposted on facebook and it k off. hundreds of people showed up with signs to cheer him on. make him feel like a rock star. ♪ >> i just wanted to play for people. i just wanted that play for free and then now i'm famous. >> and now i'm famous. the concert also streamed life on the web. you know what, iain, 10,000 people tuned in to watch it. amazing. now he is famous. exactly right. >> all right. the life of one of the world's most famous comic book characters is coming to an end. >> the heroic move archie will
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make that will be his last. and delaware woman is dead after being in the wrong place at the wrong time. a stray bullet took her life and tonight the desperate plea from her mom to the person who pull the trigger. >> if your child has an unexplained rash, an i-pad could be to blame. the allergic reaction some children are experiencin
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>> it is lit up a live look right now at your ultimate doppler radar. most of our area is under a severe thunderstorm watch and you can see why. what you can expect in your neighborhood we'll check in with chief meteorologist scott williams in just minutes. the search is on for a shooting suspect in philadelphia's port richmond section. police say someone shot his gun on the 3400 block of amber street. this surveillance video shows the suspected gunman running. a car in the front window of a house were hit. no one was injured. >> a sussex, new jersey, woman bit of of busted for possession of three separate drugs without prescriptions along with hypodermic needles. kayla, was arrest the aft they spotted her to the oh street with needles sticking out of her clothes. they say she had outstanding warrants from several north jersey towns. >> in wilmington, delaware arc
5:31 pm
desperate plea for investigation in woman's murder. crystal brown was shot and killed last week on the sick hundred block of adam street. police say she was an innocent bystander who was shot during a street fight. today her mother pleaded for anyone with any information about who shot her daughter to please come forward. >> i'm just asking for compassion. i'm just asking to you come forth or if you know anything, please give up the details. >> police say at least 30 people witnessed the fight. so someone saw something. >> reporter: developing now. the on-going violence in the middle east and tonight tensions between israelis and palestinians are escalating again. more rocket fire targeting israel coming from outside the gaza strip as hamas take its resistance to new level. fox's john huddy reports from gaza city. >> reporter: as israeli forces
5:32 pm
continue to strike militant targets in the gaza strip, air raid sirens are becoming normal in tel-aviv people are taking cover as the warning signals blair throughout the city. hamas firing more than a thus sand rocks at israel since the offensive began a mind boggling concept for the israeli president. >> if gaza is in poor ship and there's poverty in gaza why do they invest in producing missiles. >> reporter: iron zone defense system taking out most rocks fired at the country but some do get through. one attack damaged an apartment building earlier today constant threat of such incidents is one inspired the israeli government to take aim at hamas. >> over the course of the last week we've had approximately 170 rocks launched that struck civilian population. >> reporter: rockets are not the only risk to israelis coming from gaza now. militants launched at least one drone over the country which was shot down today along israel's southern coastline. the international community is
5:33 pm
continuing to call for peace as the fighting intensifies. >> we've been urging israeli political leaders and palestinian leaders to do everything necessary to try to safeguard the safety and well-being of civilians in both sides of the border. >> reporter: us rally military also says a rocket was fired from syria into northern israel it hit an open field. that attack, though is believed to have been deliberate. in gaza city, john huddy, fox news. >> secretary of state john kerry meets with iran's top diplomat to try to get nuclear talks moving again. they are trying to revive comprehensive nuclear agreement. the u.s. is trying to curb ira s pursuit of nuclear weapon and facing a july 20th deadline to finalize a nuclear deal. >> secretary kerry are you making any progress? obviously we have some very significant gaps still. >> u.s. wants iran to cut its
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enriched uranium stockpile so the country has bill chance of producing an atomic bomb. you may want to think twice before you reach for that bag of chips or pint of ice cream after a bad day at work. >> the damage that stress eating is really doing your waistline and you may not even know it. also, ahead a dramatic rescue after a helicopter goes down and plunges into the water. what happened when passenger couldn't get her seat belt off. coming and how she was finally set free. karen? >> coming up knew tonight at 6:00 o'clock, this is connie. she's nearly 88 years old and you got a ticket. what was the ticket for? >> litter on the outside. look at her beautiful outside much shows got this gorgeous english garden. she thinks it's not fair. we'll have her story coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> karen, coming up the weather authority continuing to follow ultimate doppler. the entire area highlighted in yellow. this storm watch until 8:00 o'clock night. we have the threat for some
5:35 pm
large hail, damaging winds as well as some lightning the timing of this system plus when to expect some drier and cooler air headed this way coming up to expect some drier and cooler air headed this way coming up nethe wonder of summer is that
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♪ >> three, two, one, zero. and lift off. >> the latest space satellite blasts off this is the fourth launch tempt for the falcon nine. the last attempt failed because of ground support issues. the falcon nine deployed several satellites 15 minutes aft lift off. in your health news, you could actually be allergic to yourism pad. new reports say the tablet may contain nickel which is an allergen for lot of people. researchers say an 11 year old boy had a skin rash for more than sick months. doctors eventually pinpointed
5:39 pm
traces of nickel in the family computer. nickel rashes are not life threatening but they can be uncomfortable and possibly become infected. doctors have also linked jewelry and laptops to nickel rashes. and speaking of links, a new study connects stress eating to weight gain and you could pack as much as 11 pounds year. researchers from ohio state university say it's not just the calories from stress eating but the stress itself can effect your metabolism. the study shows women who experience daily stress burn 104 fewer calories after eating high fat meals and they say those calories eventually add up to an 11-pound yearly gain. a new combination of two favorites is crow 88ing quiet of buzz. house of bruce is served beer placed ice cream for only $14 you can get four beers with four accident took place of homemade ice cream. creator of the treat wanted to something unique with beer.
5:40 pm
>> me and the wife were sitting around one day trying to figure out -- we put beer in everything else. why not put it in the ice cream so we started making ice cream from scratch. >> this limited flavor is being served for a short time this summer. you better hurry. >> i'm guessing you have to be 21 to have the, too. i hope so. >> exactly. >> talk show host criticized for picture she posted on instagram. >> here's the deal. she was wearing her four year old's pajamas. the question being what was she trying to prove? we'll show you the pictures straight ahead. and getting childrens or your pets pictures taken professionally can be a real challenge. how a new gadget can help make those pictures more perfect. >> charles barkley can talk. he can do it all. not everything. he was great athlete except in one area. we talked about it when we stopped our studios haft night. that will be coming up in sports. >> a live look right now at jim thorp in the pocono mountains. your weather authority keeping a close eye on the sky as storms are moving throughout our area.
5:41 pm
chief meteorologist scott williams has your co
5:42 pm
if he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting... funding for their schools. but corbett's huge tax giveaway to the oil and gas... industry has cost us billions. forced deep cuts in education. and his mismanagement caused a massive budget deficit. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even... more handouts. because that's who tom corbett listens to.
5:43 pm
and this is who pays the price.
5:44 pm
>> a washington state woman says thoughts of her children helped her stay alive during a helicopter crash. the woman and two others boarded the chopper saturday morning. she says she felt the aircraft drop into the water about 20 yards from shore. people rushed to help free the passengers and pilot but it was very difficult getting to her who they had to cut from the chopper with a box cutter. >> work as fast as we could to get the seat belt cut off but it
5:45 pm
was so tight i think we ended up cutting her little bit. >> the belt was holding me. what i'm going to do? it doesn't matter had you deep it is. i'm going to sing -- i'm going to drown and i'm going die. >> she didn't obviously. she does have minor cuts and bruises. otherwise she is okay. the other passenge pass and thet survived with no serious injuries. one of the world's most famous characters will meet his ultimate did he mice. archie will die by making a -- take a bullet for his best friend. he says kevin first openly gay character the life with archie will be on sale starting wednesday. >> and talk show host beth thee frankel posting a photo instagram causing some, well, commotion. it's a photo of her wearing her fear year old's pajamas with the capping this is my daughter's nightgown and pj shorts. think we're ready to start sharing clothes yet? her ultrathin body has some question questioning her intention of the photo back in 2011 frankel admitted she used to have an
5:46 pm
eating disorder. >> they say a picture is worth thousand words when that photo comes out blurry the word is pretty much is ugh. however, fox's chris today mora has fund a gadget that brings everything into focus. ♪ >> reporter: okay. my cuteness quota is covered for decade. this one segment features both babies and puppies. >> first kids. a night couldn't camera and an artist's eye. >> i do portrait photograph. allow meghan to freeze human emotion. >> i love taking pictures of people. >> shows a budding professional. but meghan has enough experience to know the biggest challenges are the smallest subs. like little cal let me whose cooperative until he's not. kids move without warning. and what kind of pictures does
5:47 pm
that produce? >> blurry ones. here's where our story. >> they'll run all over you. >> goes at the dogs. >> puppies just move way too fast. >> is a than ma is on mission. >> these puppies are up for adoption. >> they're all rescue doing. and the photos sam shoots will be posted on all retriever rescue's facebook page for perspective puppy parents to ponder. >> they fall in love with photos of the dogs and they say oh, my gosh, i have to have that particular dog. >> reporter: sam draws inspiration from one picture saves a life. initiative morphing pound puppy mug shots into heart tugging prints. >> that one just came out beautifully. >> reporter: she's an amateur but sam perfected this process with help from an ingenious stuffed animal. >> right towards it. >> reporter: that wraps around the lense. >> very simple. >> for $20 what's called shutter hugger are a camera creature captivates k9s just long enough
5:48 pm
to snap inn irresistible image. >> that's beautiful report roar it works on her camera. >> looks like they're smiling. >> reporter: and even ours. >> but does it work on kids? >> these were made for kids. i think that this is colorful. >> meghan is instantly impress impressed. >> and amazing. report. >> got little smile out thereof. >> reporter: and immediately she's taking better baby pictures. >> they are adorable. they're so cute. >> reporter: stuffed animals -- >> there's no doubt it helps. >> reporter: repping record hyperactive history both human. >> why didn't think to stick this thing right on the camera. >> reporter: and beast. >> look guys they're too interested in eating grass. chris chmura, fox news. >> a close call for one couple in new york when lightning strikes just to the side of them. take look at this video the man and the woman sitting on park bench on sunday then watch carefully as you can see the lightning striking just to the left of the couple. then they quickly get up and walk away almost like nothing
5:49 pm
happened. they were okay. >> that is scary. we've got weather like that happening right now. scott williams you've been watching all of this play out. lucy and iain, lightning is a concern with the showers and thunderstorms developing right now overhead. highlighted within this box, you can see over 1300 lightning strikes. so if you can hear thunder, you can be struck by lightning. it can heat the atmosphere over five times hotter than the sun. so certainly take these storms seriously as the entire area is under that severe weather watch until 8:00 o'clock this evening. highlighted in yellow, you can see this polly gone showing you we have that threat the ingredients there are, the heat, the humidity, showers and thunderstorms have been bubbling up. the main threats for our area wind, hail as well as some lightning. currently within our area, no current severe thunderstorm warnings or concern for that matter right now. but things could change as we
5:50 pm
continue into the evening. flash flood watch pretty much the entire area until tomorrow night. we're looking at some very heavy rainfall downpours with any of the showers and storms that develop in your particular backyard. so as we take a tour looking at ultimate doppler, a few pockets of showers. nothing heavy right now north and west of philadelphia. but you can see toward berks county, the lehigh valley, very heavy rainfall where you see the red as well as the orange. once again, moving into delaware county, philadelphia county and sections of lower montgomery county right now just finding a few pockets of light showers nothing is severe. a flash flood warning for northern sections of ocean county, southern monmouth county, until 8:30 this evening. some activity developed earlier this afternoon there. producing over 2-inches of rainfall. so the atmosphere is ripe to produce heavy rain and also that severe thunderstorm threat. so now, scattere scattered showd storms are firing, hail, damaging wind will be the main players.
5:51 pm
from 7:00 o'clock to 11:00 o'clock. heavy rain will be a threat for the philadelphia area, i-95 and once again that severe thunderstorm watch goes until 8:00 o'clock tonight. overnight scattered leftover showers and storms. the severe weather threat will diminish so as we time everything out you can see scattered showers we're not looking at a squall line like last week that produced all of the damaging winds but it's going to be scattered activity that could produce some damaging winds and hail. by 11:00 o'clock things starting to settle down a bit across the area so by tomorrow morning for the morning commute it's warm, the muggy and then during the afternoon and evening, we see more showers and storms. popping up during the heat of the day. here's 4:00 o'clock. you can see along i-95 watching more heff vo rainfall the same time tomorrow we are going to do it yet again and then once we move beyond tuesday night, things really start to improve across our area. but i'll run the clock through tonight. through tomorrow. you can see we're talking one to 3-inches of rainfall on average
5:52 pm
with the heaviest rainfall right around the heart of the area. 90 degrees was the high temperature today. rain cooled into the 70s north and west. 89 degrees right now in dover. so still pretty hot and humid but by the middle of the week, some cooler air will move into our area with temperatures actually dropping below average for this time of year. upper 60s, low 70s. showers and storms. some of which could be severe. 86 degrees will be the high temperature for tomorrow. warm and humid tomorrow afternoon and evening. the best chance for showers and storms developing. a leftover shower early on wednesday. 84 degrees. and then you can see low 80s for thursday and friday and those temperatures a good five to 10 degrees below average for many as we close out the week but keep an eye to the sky tonight still under that severe thunderstorm watch the entire area until 8:00 p.m. this evening. >> all right. thank you scott. >> all right. talk a little baseball. we're getting ready for the all star game tomorrow. >> long stretch gives the phillies a break. gives everybody a break.
5:53 pm
but it's all star baseball. it happens once every season. it's not what it used to be in baseball. but major league baseball is trying to put everything into this year's all star game. it will be tomorrow night right here on fox at 7:30. there is some great story lines to the game the best i think is the last all star game for the yankee short stop derek jeter playing in his last season. a great player with nothing but class. he's playing in his 14th all star game. he starts and is hitting first. >> i don't know what tomorrow is going to be like. you know what i mean? i don't know that that question. coming here and playing in the all star game and trying to win for our league because someone in this room is going to benefit but i don't know what tomorrow will be like. >> have you thought about it at all? >> i haven't. i don't go into things with expectations. >> there's nothing like talking about anything with a guy that thinks he knows everything. charles barkley stopped by our studios for sports sunday last night. now you really just point him at
5:54 pm
the camera and he just let him go. tonight on sports sunday charles barkley is in the building. he's in the building. whoo! >> will that make you feel better. (laughter). >> he's standing oh and a box, ya'll. he's not that tall. he's standing on a box. >> he knows everything about everything or he thinks so. that's not true. >> you don't know everything about everything. i know about can be. you don't know bout on the things. >> i just give my opinion. you analyze that right there. that is a fat guy playing golf whose not very good. that's pathetic. you've never played an actual sporting event. >> sure i have. what? have you ever played a sport in your life? >> yes, i have. like what? >> everything. except hockey. you not going to play hillary clinton key because you probably can't skate. >> i can't skate. you can't play basketball because you're just a little leprechaun. >> i can play basketball. you can't play with some of the sixers i played for. >> you are the worst sand bagger
5:55 pm
in the world. you are. you are the -- >> really. howard you are really good golfer and you walk around trying to feel like a 10, 12, and you more like a five. you got no pride whatsoever. >> somebody told me that you think i have good hair. now -- you've got great hair. i mean you got an ugly face with it but you got great hair. >> are you jealous. i'm in the jealous of anybody having hair. i love being bald. i didn't like it in the beginning because it's tough to go bald but you got great hair. you always dress nice. i will give you a little credit there. you do look like a guy from burger king. but you got great hair and you dress nice. >> oh, my gosh. i'm got here in 1984. and i always say this. we've been friends a long time. and people always say why do i like howard eskin? i said howard eskin is a great guy. i mean you were a jerk on the radio. you were jerk much that's the way that business works. >> okay. but you're a good guy and i'm glad you got to stay in town
5:56 pm
for their years. that means you're doing something right. >> you're doing something right. at least somebody thinks so. by the way i was below a 51 time. i'm a gentleman on the golf course because he's terrible on the golf course he take it out on me because he stinks. >> i'm going to have to watch it when i play with you. >> sand bagger. >> all right. >> i'm a 15 with you. yeah, i'm sure. >> all right. we've got another half hour full of news. coming up at six a great-grandmother taking her trash outside her home she says it's a big mistake. why this granny is fighting fines. >> plus busted an intimate moment ends with these two in handcuffs. moment ends with these two in handcuffs. where po[ horns honking ]
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>> right now at 6:00 your weather authority very busy tracking storms. let's take live look at your ultimate doppler radar. you can see the storms moving through right now with the entire region under a severe thunderstorm watch and these storms could get messy with a few inches of rain falling and even strong winds and hail in fact philly international airport already has rival dean par cher delays. thanks for joining us. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. chief meteorologist scott williams is here with everything you need to know. scott? >> good evening iain and lucy. we are watching for severe weather across our area. the main threats will be some damaging winds, some hail as well as lightning. take look within this box we're tracking over 1300 lightning strikes. currently no sev


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